Rumor: G8 to return as high-end "four-door Corvette?"

We've started taking everything we've heard about the return of the Pontiac G8, or at least some variation of General Motors' highly-vaunted Zeta platform with a grain of salt, but now word comes from Bob Lutz himself that the G8 could return as a high-end Chevrolet envisioned as a four-door to complement the automaker's iconic Corvette.

Social media guru Joel Feder is currently attending a GM media event aimed at Twitterers and bloggers in Milford, Michigan, where he reported on his Twitter feed that Bob Lutz is not ruling out the return of the G8 platform to North America.

"High end brakes, huge engine, big and fast. Like four door corvette," Feder wrote, verbatim, on Twitter after a brief chat with Lutz. Though hardly an official comment from Lutz, it seems that the General's car guru will still not write off the possibility of a four-door, performance-oriented sedan based on the Zeta platform for North America. Lutz did tell Feder that the Caprice name is a no-go, however. GM rebadges the Holden Commodore, which also served as the basis for the now-defunct G8, as the Chevrolet Caprice for some markets.

GM is believed to have a contractual obligation for export models with the Australian factory that builds the large sedan.