Next Acura NSX to be positioned as obtainable halo

Acura has not completed killed its NSX revival plans, but if the sports car ever does make production, it won't exactly take the form of the vehicle of the same name that ceased production in 2005. Instead of creating an all-out super car, Acura is now eyeing the image of an attainable halo car for the new-age NSX.

John Watts, Acur's senior manager of product development, revealed to Car and Driver that the previous NSX was "too high a halo." In other words, there was too large of a price gap between the NSX and Acur's next most expensive model. "For it to be fully effective [as a halo vehicle for the brand], it couldn't be too far removed," Watts said of the next NSX.

With Acur's most expensive model, the RL, listing between $46,000 and $52,000, the new-age NSX would likely carry a price tag of $50,000-$60,000. Because of that significant price cut - Acur's previous version of the NSX would have likely carried a six-digit price tag - the next generation NSX will probably utilize one of Acur's current platforms.

Although it sounds like the next NSX will steer clear of the Nissan GT-R and Lexus LF-A, it's good to hear that the program isn't entirely down and out. Acura has yet to give the production nod to the NSX, but several reports indicate we will hear more on the subject at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.