VW to borrow Porsche Panamera platform for premium offering

Volkswagen's board may have voted to ax the Panamera from Porsche's lineup, but the four-door coupe's platform will see duty in at least one of VW's other brands - either Bentley, Bugatti or Audi - before riding off into the sunset next decade.

According to Edmunds, VW has decided to share the Panamer's platform with one of its premium brands. Although the Panamera platform would seem like a perfect candidate for a production version of the Lamborghini Estoque four-door coupe, and inside source says the Panamera architecture will not underpin any future Lamborghini models.

That leaves the door open for Bentley, Bugatti or Audi. Bentley could us the Panamera platform for the next-generation of the Continental GT, but it is believed Bentley is eyeing one of Audi's aluminum platforms to save on weight. The Panamera is also much lower than the current Continental GT.

Bugatti has yet to decide on its next production model, but the Panamera could sway the decision making process. One of the models Bugatti is considering is a high-performance four-door coupe, which would fit the Panamera mold to a T.

Audi is also in the running for a Panamera-based model, but with a number of similar vehicles in production or in the pipeline, it seems very unlikely that the German automaker would get the nod.

No word on when the new Panamera-based model might bow, but expect it well ahead of the Porsche Panamer's demise date of 2017.