Chrysler to drop printed owner's manuals, include DVDs instead

In an effort to save both money and paper, Chrysler says that all of its 2010 models will include a DVD owner's manual to be viewed on a computer, rather than a traditional printed manual.

New 2010 models will include a small 60-to-80-page user's guide that will cover some essential information and some highlights, but the bulk of each model's new car information will be on the DVD. For those who prefer the printed word to the digital one, a traditional book manual will be available from dealerships.

The DVD manuals will also include videos on more complex functions, like audio and navigation programming and folding the soft top on the Jeep Wrangler.

Chrysler says that the switch will save about 930 tons of paper, or the equivalent of 20,000 trees, annually. Other automakers have dabbled with DVD supplements, but Chrysler is the first automaker to put the entire manual on DVD. It's expected that other automakers will follow suit.