Hyundai unveils Equus Limousine

Not satisfied with the standard-issue Equus flagship sedan, Hyundai has taken the wraps off a long-wheelbase version of the Equus, appropriately named the Equus Limousine. The Equus Limousine is currently on sale in the Korean market, but Hyundai has yet to announce if the long-wheelbase version will be available in the U.S. market.

In order to create the Equus Limousine, Hyundai added 11.8 inches to the standard Equss' wheelbase. That gives the Equus Limousine more than a foot length advantage over its closest competitors - long-wheelbase versions of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series and Lexus LS - resulting in up to 14 inches in additional rear-seat legroom.

Power for the base model Equus Limousine comes from Hyundai's 290 horsepower 3.8L V6. Those requiring more power can opt for Hyundai's new, 5.0L V8. Based on Hyundai's Tau 4.6L V8, the mill makes a healthy 400 horsepower.

Prices for the Equus Limousine will range from $113,000 to $123,000. No word if Hyundai plans to market a version of the Equus Limousine in the United States, but a $60,000 version of the Equus sedan will arrive at U.S. dealerships late next year.