Audi to expand U.S. premium small car lineup

With an eye on the ever-expanding premium small car market, Volkswagen's Audi brand is planning two new models for the United States market. Both new models will be based on existing Audi cars, but will offer a fresh twist that should make them relevant in the U.S. market.

According to Automotive News, Audi is mulling a plan that would see the Europe-only A2 small car sold here in the U.S. However, unlike the current A2, the U.S. version would be a battery electric vehicle, making it ideal for city dwellers. No word on when the A2 EV would hit the market, but with a production version of the e-tron concept planned for 2013, we'd expect a similar timetable for the smaller EV.

In addition to the electric A2, Audi is also considering a unique A3 sedan for the United States market. The A3 is due for a redesign in 2012, at which time Audi will expand the range to include a convertible, wagon and crossover. During that redesign, Audi could also add a sedan model to the A3 lineup, which would likely be reserved for the U.S. market.

A smaller Q3 crossover is also planned, which could reach our shores in 2011 or 2012.