Volt's key engineer leaves for Opel

After leading the powertain and electronics team in developing the Chevrolet Volt, one of the most anticipated and crucial vehicles in General Motors' history, Frank Weber will be leaving GM to take a senior management position at Opel. Weber's official title at Opel has not yet been released.

Weber will depart from GM one year prior to the release of the Chevy Volt. Neither the launch schedule nor the development of the Volt should be negatively affected by Weber's departure according to GM spokesman Dave Roman, "Coincidentally, the move timed pretty well for the development team. The Volt is now in execution mode."

Weber will be replaced by Doug Parks, GM's chief engineer for global compact cars that has been with Opel since 1997.

Weber's departure from GM, and consequently the Volt project will make him the second major figure to leave the Volt development team in just a month's time. Bob Kruse, now former executive director of vehicle engineering for hybrids and electric vehicles and batteries also left GM. Kruse left GM to start a consulting firm.