Next-gen Nissan Titan still a go

Nissan's plan to build the next-generation of its Titan full-size pickup truck on a version of the Dodge Ram's architecture was derailed when Chrysler inked a strategic alliance with Fiat, but the Japanese automaker says it's moving forward with a second-generation of the truck.

Before Chrysler signed a deal giving Fiat a 20 percent stake in the company, Chrysler and Nissan set in place a product sharing program that would have seen small Nissan vehicles badged as Chrysler products and a version of the Dodge Ram marketed as the next-generation Titan. However, the companies parted ways in late August, leaving the future of the Titan up in the air.

Many thought the perennial fourth place Titan would ride off into the sunset after its current lifecycle, but Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has revealed the full-size pickup will soldier on. "Titan will have a replacement, we are staying in the large pickup truck market," Ghosn told Edmunds.

Ghosn indicated the next Titan could be designed completely in-house, but Nissan hasn't completed ruled out a partnership with another automaker.