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Mitsubishi PX-MiEV concept makes LA debut

by Drew Johnson

Mitsubishi has officially taken the wraps off its PX-MiEV concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The PX-MiEV made its world debut earlier this year at the Tokyo Motor Show. The new concept is intended to preview Mitsubishi's future design language, as well as hint at some new technologies that could be hitting the road within the next few years.

The PX-MiEV - PX for plug-in hybrid crossover and MiEV for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle - showcases Mitsubishi's new Plug-in Hybrid System. Combining series and parallel hybrid systems, the PX-MiEV concept is powered by electric motors at slow speeds, with a 1.6L gas engine providing propulsion at higher speeds. The PX-MiEV concept defaults to front wheel drive under normal driving conditions, but a rear-mounted electric motor kicks in if slippage is detected, offering the stability of all-wheel drive - dubbed E-4WD in Mitsubishi talk.

The PX-MiEV concept is designed to use the latest in smart grid technology, and can be recharged off a 100-volt or 200-volt domestic supply. Mitsubishi has also developed a quick charge system for the PX-MiEV concept. The PX-MiEV concept is capable of a 30-mile range in EV mode off a full charge.

Inside, Mitsubishi says the PX-MiEV sports a "Clean, Stress-free and Safe & Reassuring" theme. The material used on the concept's seats is able to rid the cabin of allergens and kill odor-causing bacteria. The PX-MiEV also features windows that block harmful UV-A rays and Mitsubishi even include an oxygen enricher to reduce driver fatigue.

Passenger safety is also high on the PX-MiEV's list, featuring new innovations such as a new Multi-Around Monitor and system that can detected a distracted or drowsy driver.

No word on production intent for the PX-MiEV concept, but we're sure at least some of its features and overall styling will make it into a future Mitsubishi vehicle.

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