Mercedes to preview future design language with Detroit concept

Concept cars don't always have one foot planted in reality, but Mercedes-Benz has revealed it is readying a new show car for next month's North American International Auto Show in Detroit that will preview the brand's future design language.

Mercedes-Benz design head Gordon Wagener revealed the news to the UK's Autocar earlier on Monday. "We want to elevate our design towards art and if any company can do it Mercedes can," Wagener said.

Wagener failed to give any more details on the forthcoming concept, but did say it would be a "pure design concept which is long and exaggerated". The concept likely won't have much production value, but will indicate Mercedes' future design direction.

Although the concepts won't be entirely based on a planned production model, early reports suggest the show car will preview the overall design of the next-generation CLS sedan. The next CLS is expected to be fully revealed towards the end of 2010.