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Toyota to offer track-ready stripped down FT-86

by Mark Kleis

Toyota and Subaru have teamed up to create a highly anticipated 2-door sports coupe that has many anxiously awaiting their release - and now they may have one more reason to get excited. A source close to Toyota has revealed the possibility of a special track-ready version of the FT-86 that features a significant price drop, and performance bump.

The FT-86 (Which is the code name, and will change for production to an unknown name) is a rear-wheel-drive 2+2 sports coupe to feature a 200 horsepower Subaru-sourced horizontally opposed flat-four and six-speed manual transmission. In consumer-ready form, this looks on paper to be a very capable little sports car, and is expected to run around $27,000 when optioned out.

According to EVO Magazine there will be factory assistance in creating what may become the ultimate drifting machine - Toyota plans to offer a special stripped-down model to feature bigger brakes and stiffer springs, as well as the removal of luxury items not needed on a race track - such as the radio. To make sure track racers on a budget can have their fun, Toyota will reportedly offer this stripped-down model for somewhere in the realm of $22,000.

Toyota has not yet officially confirmed the track-ready package of the FT-86.