Cadillac retracts promise to produce Converj

General Motors' Bob Lutz appears to have jumped the gun when he announced that Cadillac had confirmed the production future for the Converj on Sunday. Now, Cadillac's global product director, John Howell, has clarified that the business case for the Converj is still being reviewed.

Although Bob Lutz apparently misspoke in announcing confirmed production plans for the Converj over the weekend, Leftlane also reported back in early November about an announcement that occurred during a board meeting in which the Converj was confirmed for production. Whatever the case, it appears as if the Converj may not get the go-ahead after all.

In speaking with a group of analysts on Sunday, Lutz communicated that GM intended to build the Converj, using the Volt's Voltec system sometime after 2012, according to MLive.

Directly contradicting Lutz' comments was the clarification by Howell that there is definitely still more work to be done on the business case for the Converj concept before a decision can be made. One concern for Cadillac is that the Voltec system may be lacking in refinement and power that is typically associated with the brand.

"We want it to be a true luxury driving experience," Howell said.

Howell went on to explain that the abnormally rough year, compounded by the bankruptcy, firing of two CEOs and severely limited resources have also put a strain on being able to commit to future products such as a Converj-based coupe.

Should the Converj concept make it to production, it would be expected to feature a 40-mile pure EV mode, followed by a generator-driven additional 260 miles.