Tesla working on high-volume small sedan

Tesla currently sells around 100 units per month and only recently crossed the milestone of producing their 1,000th Roadster on January 12, 2010. Despite moving fewer vehicles per annum as a brand than some competitors' major dealerships move in a month, Tesla has said that it plans to be producing 200,000 units per year thanks to a new sedan by 2015.

Tesla still hasn't begun production of its first sedan, the Model S sedan, but it is already making bold claims that it plans to produce a BMW 3-Series sized sedan by 2015 that will help boost its annual volume to around 200,000 units, according to AutoCar.

The Tesla Model S sedan is set to enter production in 2012, and according to Tesla it plans to build as many as 20,000 units annually by the end of its first year in production. That means that Tesla intends to sell its yet-to-be-seen 3-Series fighter in droves - somewhere in the realm of 150,000 units per year if the sales of its other models perform as expected.

Not to get ahead of itself, Tesla has also suggested that it plans to utilize the platform from its Model S sedan to underpin a crossover and a coupe - pulling another 30,000-40,000 units a year in sales.