Pedal supplier CTS blames Toyota

CTS Corporation, the Indiana-based supplier of accelerator pedals blamed for Toyota's massive - and growing - recall, says that it was building the pedals to the automaker's standards and that responsibility for the allegedly faulty part lies on Toyota.

Mitchell Walorski, head of the supplier's investor relations department, told Automotive News that CTS is assisting Toyota, "but this is their recall. Toyota is heavily involved in all stages of testing and production. That is why their quality is so high."

"The newly designed pedal is now tested, and parts are beginning to ship to some Toyota factories," CTS said in a statement released to the media. Toyota says it has not decided if it will ship the new pedals to dealers to have them installed in unsold inventory and customer cars or if service departments will modify the existing design.

Elkhart, Indiana-based CTS began producing the pedals last year at its Mississauga, Ontario, assembly plant when Denso was unable to supply enough for Toyota.

CTS isn't taking the blame for crashes involving Toyota vehicles, however.

"We are aware of fewer than a dozen instances where this condition has occurred, and in no instance did the accelerator actually become stuck in a partially depressed condition," the company said in a statement.

CTS builds pedals for a number of automakers, each based on a different design. The company says that the Ford pedals it builds in China for that market's Transit Classic large truck is of a different design.

Toyota has separately recalled many of its models over floor mats which the automaker says can become lodged against the gas pedal or which prevent the brake pedal from operating.