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Report: Entry-level Cadillac model to come in four flavors

by Drew Johnson

The Cadillac CTS may be priced along the same lines as the BMW 3-Series, but the four-door Caddy is actually more in line - in terms of size - with BMW's 5-Series. As such, General Motors' luxury division is readying a true entry-level model, with new details on the project surfacing on Thursday.

Believed to be based on GM's long-rumored rear-wheel drive Alpha platform, the ATS is being designed as a direct competitor to vehicles like the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. Powertrains for the new model remain unknown, but a new report has shed some light on what body styles the ATS will be available in.

"We're finalizing the four-door showcar of the ATS first," an inside source told Inside Line. "Then we'll follow quickly after with a wagon, a coupe and a convertible."

Moreover, it sounds as if all four body styles have a real chance of making production. In fact, Cadillac engineers are currently deciding if the convertible variant should have a hard or soft-top. In all likelihood, the convertible will feature a conventional rag top for weight and space issues.

A concept version of the Cadillac ATS will be completed in the coming months, with the entry-level sedan expected to make its world debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.