Toyota to extend accelerator pedal recall to China, Europe [Updated]

Toyota's massive North American recall has so far only included cars designed for and produced in the North American market, but now the automaker's European and Chinese offices say that their own recall is imminent. Initially, the recall will cover Toyota's RAV4 but could spread to other models.

China's government said that Toyota will recall about 75,000 RAV4s sold between 2009 and 2010. Toyota has not confirmed whether the RAV4s affected were assembled at the automaker's Canadian assembly plant or in Japan.

"Toyota will implement a recall in Europe for this matter," the automaker's United Kingdom office said in a statement.

Toyota has not specified just which or how many European-market models will be affected, although it said that a "running change in production using different parts has already been implemented model-by-model in the European production."

"We want to get the message out that there will be a recall but data is still being collated as to which exact models and exact number of cars," a spokesman told London's The Times.