Nissan surpasses GM in Mexico sales

Nissan has surpassed General Motors to become Mexico's best-selling car maker for 2009. General Motors has held the title of Mexico's most popular automaker since 1995, but lost the lead as its sales tumbled 35 percent last year.

According to Automotive News, Nissan's Mexico sales fell 26 percent in 2009, totaling 156,186 units. However, GM's Mexico sales plummeted to just 138,482 units, marking the first time Nissan has outsold GM in the Mexican market since 1995.

Nissan came close to dethroning GM in 2008, but fell short by a mere 356 vehicles.

Despite the change at the top, the rest of the order for the Mexican market remained unchanged. Volkswagen retained the number three spot - with sales decreasing 14 percent to 117,969 units - while Ford held on to the number for position with 92,003 sales, a 30 percent decrease. Chrysler rounded out the top five, selling 82,337 vehicles - a decrease of 29 percent.

As a whole, Mexico accounted for 754,930 new vehicle sales, down 26 percent from 2008. However, Mexico's December sales were the best since December 2008, possibly indicating the stat of a market turnaround.