Documents in Toyota "conspiracy" case could be made public soon

In what could be a devastating blow to Toyot's already crumbling image, a ruling is expected in the coming days on a court case that would reveal thousands of documents allegedly showing Toyota covered up and destroyed evidence during several safety-related lawsuits.

The lawsuit - filed by former Toyota defense attorney Dimitrios Biller last summer - claims Toyota has been hiding and destroying evidence - particularly related to safety concerns - for several years. Biller defended Toyota in product liability cases from 2003 to 2007 and claims to have 6,000 internal documents proving Toyot's massive cover up.

A California court ruled last August that the documents must remain confidential, but that decision could be overturned in the coming days as the case in now under final review. Both Toyota and Biller made their final filings on the case late last month.

Although the documents in question do not involve Toyot's current problem of unintended acceleration - most of the documents reportedly involve rollover cases - they would definitively prove a pattern of covering up safety-related issues at Toyota. Government officials are currently investigating if Toyota knew about its unintended acceleration problems as early as 2004.

Whether Toyota was actually involved in a cover up remains to be seen, but Biller believes he has the evidence to prove a Toyota "conspiracy". "Toyota is a very secretive corporation. It doesn't believe anybody outside the corporation deserves to know what is going on inside, even if it kills somebody," Biller told the Los Angeles Times.

He added: "Toyota does not believe it has to follow orders or turn over documents. They just don't think the rules apply to them."

A ruling on the matter is expected in the coming days.