Spied: EcoBoosted Ford Fiesta 3-door caught testing

Ford has been fairly hush-hush in regards to what type of sport variant may be in the pipeline for its Fiesta - due to hit U.S. showrooms in just a couple months. Despite Ford's silence, our spies have managed to capture some incriminating photos of a 3-door Fiesta complete with an intercooler.

We just caught a Ford Fiesta test car running the streets of Dearborn - just across the street from the Dearborn Inn hotel and Henry Ford Museum.

This hot little hatchback was sporting a revised front fascia, and an all-new split dual-exhaust design poking out from the rear bumper. Up front, an intercooler appears to be visible through the mesh grille work of the Fiesta's air dam. This intercooler is the first physical piece of evidence that suggests a future for an EcoBoost engine in Ford's next small car.

This Fiesta also has a handful of tasteful black-out effects and a subtle body kit that appear to have been lifted from the options list of European Fiesta's, as well as elements of Europe's titanium trim. This cobbled-together iteration is clearly intended to be a sporty rendition, but may not be an accurate representation of production intent. Ford has partnered with body kit designer and manufacturer 3d Carbon for their 5-door Fiesta hatchback, and we might see a similar partnership utilized for a potential 3 or 5-door sport Fiesta.

The prototype's new rear diffuser is also similar to one of the Euro add-ons, but it has been tweaked to integrate the new dual exhaust tips for a nicely finished and certainly sporty look. Fetching carbon-grey Speedline wheels complete the package.

Currently, Ford has not suggested a future for the 3-door variant of the Fiesta for U.S. consumption, so this model might also be in development for European markets only - or the drivetrain and cosmetic packages might fight their way onto a 5-door hatchback - albeit slightly stretched.

What we know about Ford's EcoBoost engines

Ford's already made it very public that they will bring a four-cylinder EcoBoost with a 2.0-liter displacement, reportedly generating something in the neighborhood of 230 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. But inside sources tell Leftlane that if Ford were to bring an EcoBoost to market in their Fiesta or Focus, it would likely be based on the same 1.6-liter unit currently found in naturally aspirated form in the Fiesta. We estimate power to be in the realm of 175-180 horsepower if Ford were to EcoBoost a 1.6-liter, which would be plenty for a front-wheel drive car of the Fiesta's size and weight.

More than one EcoBoost Fiesta in the future?

Although far from confirmed, Leftlane has also learned that Ford may be hard at work testing a smaller, possibly 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder EcoBoost offering. Although, we expect that engine would be more directed at being a truly class-leading fuel economy drivetrain, rather than a sporty offering.