Why loud stereos and cheap cars don't mix - T.K.O. edition

Without fail it seems that the louder the stereo, the cheaper the car blasting the music as it drives by. In this instance, this driver got a little too into his music and proceeded to suffer a face shot from his airbag - knocking him out cold.

We all appreciate a good, loud, clean stereo from time to time - but this unsuspecting driver taking a break in a parking garage got a little too carried away while enjoying his Queen rock-out session.

Maybe it was a faulty or overly sensitive airbag system, or maybe the acoustic advantages of his hatchback proved too much for this entry-level car. Then again, the pounding on the dash likely didn't help much, either.

Whatever the cause, everything seemed to be going fairly well leading up to the pinnacle of the chorus - until his airbag deployed about six inches from his face.

Ouch! That oughtta learn 'em.

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