LEGO master builds Veyron replica with working gears, suspension, brakes

Master LEGO manipulator, Sheepo, has unveiled his latest and possibly most impressive creation yet: a functional Bugatti Veyron that comes complete with a function seven-speed (plus reverse) transmission, working brakes, independent suspension system and a retractable roof and rear spoiler. To say that this feat was impressive would be akin to saying that the actual Bugatti Veyron is just merely fast.

The secret to creating a LEGO-based supercar that is capable of being radio controlled and heavily functional comes in the type of LEGOs, known as Technic, according to Hispabrick Magazine.

Since LEGO introduced introduced Technic in the 1970s there have been six different officially released supercars, including the latest, the Bugatti Veyron. The creator of the LEGO Technic Veyron says he had to break the development process into six phases due to the massive complexity of the project, thanks largely due to the incredibly complexity the project was based on.

The first phase was to build a function sequential shift gearbox, which in the Bugatti included seven forward gears, plus reverse. Sheepo built the gearbox first, and says he later formed the rest of the car around the all-crucial gearbox.

When it was all said and done, Sheepo says the replica retains proportions for the length, width, height, wheelbase, hood length and likely more. the end result is a 1/8th scale LEGO Technic masterpiece, complete with radio controls and a working electric motor.

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