Ford offers Focus RS500 upgrade kit to existing RS owners

Following the hasty sellout for the upcoming limited run Ford Focus RS500, the automaker has now announced that it will offer a special performance upgrade package for existing Focus RS hatchbacks to upgrade to RS500 levels. The package, known as MP350, was co-developed with European tuning partner Mountune.

Ford, likely anticipating the fast-moving sales for its upcoming RS500 performance model in Europe, has now taken the wraps off of an aftermarket package that will given existing Focus RS owners the option to bump up their power to RS500 levels, while maintaining their factory warranty.

The performance upgrade package, known as MP350, is aptly named as a result of the co-development with European tuning powerhouse Mountune and Ford's Team RS, along with the resulting upgrade from 305 PS (300 horsepower) to 350 PS (345 horsepower). The kit consists of a larger intercooler, larger airbox, larger exhaust downpipe, increased output fuel pump and a re-tuned ECU.

"Ford's relationship with Mountune has produced a series of dynamic performance upgrade packages for Ford models like the Focus ST and new Fiesta, and we are confident that the Focus RS package will prove equally successful," says Matthias Tonn, chief program engineer for the Focus RS500.

For those looking for the exclusivity offered by the limited 500 unit run promised for the upcoming Focus RS500, don't worry, the kit falls short of delivering the cosmetics of the RS500, and definitely doesn't offer the unique flat black exterior coating.

"While the limited edition RS500 we are unveiling at the Leipzig Show today will remain the ultimate Focus RS, this upgrade provides existing customers with the attractive Ford-approved performance enhancement option that many RS owners have been asking for," said Tonn.

This kit will likely be highly attractive to RS owners, as it will be the only power upgrade kit available that won't nix the factory warranty in the process.