Porsche: 1 out of 7 Cayennes to be hybrids

Porsche says that its most gas-engined efficient offering - its upcoming Cayenne S Hybrid SUV - is expected to account for nearly 15 percent of the model's volume when it goes on sale later this year.

According to a Auto Telegraaf of the Netherlands, a Porsche representative said that about 1 in 7 Cayennes will be S Hybrids.

The Cayenne S Hybrid, which produces 380 horsepower from its V8/electric motor powertrain, is anticipated to average about 28 mpg in the combined city/highway cycle. Porsche says that it will retail for a relatively modest $4,000 more than a standard Cayenne S.

Among the first luxury hybrids offered in North America, the Cayenne S Hybrid will undoubtedly be the most sport-oriented high-end hybrid available. Sales are expected to commence in North America this fall.

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