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Have a recalled GM vehicle? Have them show you the Carfax

by Mark Kleis

General Motors and Carfax have announced a joint effort to help ensure all GM vehicles currently operating with outstanding safety, non-compliance or emissions recalls will get the service completed. GM will be turning over VIN information for millions of vehicles so owners can check with Carfax to see if they are subject to an outstanding recall.

GM is providing Carfax, a service typically used to track vehicle accident history, with millions of VIN numbers that have outstanding recalls.

GM says that both used car buyers and sellers will now be able to check and see if their GM vehicle still has an outstanding recall, for free, by checking with Carfax after May 1, 2010. The list of vehicles included accounts for GM's now defunct Hummer, Saab, Pontiac and Saturn makes.

"We know some people do not take their vehicles in for recall repairs when they get their letters. Carfax makes it easy for consumers to find out whether a vehicle they are considering has an open recall and increases the chances of that repair being made," said Jamie Hresko, GM vice president of global quality. "If that recall is handled well in the dealership, it can lead to more satisfied customers."

GM says that roughly 80 percent of its vehicle owners have their recalls serviced within 18 months of receiving their recall notice, a figure it would like to increase.