Why isn't the Ford Focus RS AWD? Ford answers [Video]

No matter how fast the Focus RS may be, the car can't seem to outrun the constant questioning of why it doesn't utilize all-wheel drive. Now, Ford's Gunnar Herrmann, head of Focus global development, gives a thorough answer and explains why the automaker believes their decision to utilize front-wheel drive was best.

With the recent release of the Ford Focus RS500, a limited edition 345 horsepower version of the already hot hatch, critics have raised questions once again about the viability of so much power in a front-wheel drive car. Ford's focus guru, Gunnar Herrmann, answers that question.

Herrmann admits that Ford first attempted to make the Focus RS an AWD car, but after beginning development they found FWD to be a better fit for the car. Ford developed a new technology, known as the Revo Knuckle, which effectively eliminated the problems associated with torque steer, found with FWD vehicles.

The end result, believes Herrmann, is a car that is better without AWD than with.

Herrmann challenges you to drive an RS and see for yourself. Fair enough.

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