Land Rover responds to Ford's Terrain Management system

When Ford excitedly announced that its upcoming Explorer replacement will offer an advanced traction control system with a knob used for selecting types of terrain, it didn't take long for enthusiasts to cry foul. Ford's system is identical to Terrain Response, what Land Rover has been using for more than five years.

Featuring icons identical to Land Rover's Terrain Response, Terrain Management obviously shares much of its basic technology. Land Rover, however, is quick to point out the advantages of its own system.

Land Rover's General Manager of Product Planning, Andrew Polsinelli, has chimed in, saying that Ford's system is gleaned from the expertise the Michigan automaker gained from its short ownership of Land Rover. But Land Rover's system, says Polsinelli, has "six years of sophistication and refinements," something the Ford setup lacks.

"We naturally wish our friends the best of luck with their new vehicle," Polsinelli said in Land Rover's official blog. "We just want everyone to know where the system was invented. And that was right here at Land Rover."

Terrain Response was developed while Ford's chief engineer on the Explorer was working in the United Kingdom as the chief engineer on the automaker's Range Rover project. While Ford no longer has any involvement in Land Rover, it's easy to see where the Michigan automaker got the idea.

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