BMW X4: Is a smaller, more affordable X6 on the way?

Thanks to the runaway sales success of the X6 crossover utility vehicle, BMW is now considering a smaller version of the soft-roader. Currently referred to as the X4, BMW execs are strongly considering the smaller CUV to continue the company's niche market push.

Although not universally loved, the X6 has been met with strong global demand, prompting BMW to consider a smaller - and more affordable - version of the crossover. BMW has sold 80,000 units of the X6 so far, a tally that is double the automaker's original sales forecast.

BMW brass has yet to give the production nod to the X4, but the decision remains on the table. "We haven't made any firm decision," a BMW source told Autocar, "however, the X6's success shows there is a continued demand for sporty off-roaders."

As the project is still in its early phases, details of the possible X4 remain scarce. However, Autocar says the X4 would likely share a platform with the next-generation X3, with most of the ute's styling coming from the X6. If the X4 does get the green light, expect to see it in BMW dealers by mid-decade.

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