Jay Leno adds 1,102-horsepower Koenigsegg Trevita to collection [Video Update]

It's not often that the namesake of an automaker delivers a car to its customer, but that's just what happened earlier this week in Southern California, when high-performance car builder Christian von Koenigsegg dropped off a blisteringly-fast Trevita at Jay Leno's garage.

An employee of JP Logistics, a firm that specializes in delivering high-end cars to discerning buyers, posted photos of the delivery - including a few shots of Leno and Koenigsegg together - on a message forum. Koenigsegg, the eccentric builder, is said to hand deliver many of his company's products to his well-heeled clientele.

Just three Koenigsegg Trevita CCXRs were built - and Leno's is the last of the series.

Maybe the lucky winner of the Ault Park Concours d'Elegance's grand prize - a tour of Leno's garage - will get a chance to see the rare supercar, which hadn't quite made its appearance during Leftlane'svisit last fall.

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