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Lifted truck flips, ejects driver and pins him in watery mud pit [Video]

by Mark Kleis

Everyone has their own idea of fun, for some it includes spending thousands upon thousands of dollars lifting their trucks and racing them through deep and watery mud fields. In this case, the hobby turned nearly fatal as one lifted truck hit a deep hole, flipped and landed on the ejected driver - pinning him down under mud and water.

While most mud run videos are generally filled with screaming V8 engines, splashing mud, mullets and beer cans, this video really catches you off guard.

The driver seemed to be making a fairly tame run across the mud field when the truck suddenly falls into a particularly deep hole, hidden by the water and mud. Immediately the truck pole vaults forward, ejecting the driver and then falling with full force on top of him.

The giving mud almost certainly saved the driver from an immediate death due to the immense weight of the truck landing on him, but it quickly became his near killer as it threatened to pin him down and cause him to drown in the muddy water.

We're going to go out on a limb and guess that if he returns to the mud pit for another run, next time he will wear his seatbelt.

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