Two new Chevy Sparks join the Transformers 3 cast [Spied]

Production of the movie Transformers 3 recently began to ramp up, and our spy photographers were lucky enough to grab a sneak peak of two of the newest cast members on set. It looks as though two new Chevrolet Sparks will be joining the lineup for the third installment of the action flick, adding to a star studded cast that already includes Ferrari's all-new 458 Italia.

Sporting "Autobot" center caps on the wheels, these two vehicles were captured doing some pre-production work before principal filming starts in a few weeks. We think you are looking at Skidz (green) and Mudflap (orange).

Skidz is looking much sportier than in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with new front and rear fascias, larger fenders, sportier wheels and a big wing. Mudflap was previously based on the Chevy Traxx concept, but for this installment, it appears both cars will be built off the Chevy Spark.

General Motors will once again be the main vehicle supplier for the latest Transformers movie, so expect to see several other GM-badged vehicles, including a black and yellow Chevy Camaro as Bumblebee.