Spyker talking to partners for new small Saab

Saab's new parent company, Spyker, says that it is in talks with potential partners for a new small car platform.

Dutch automaker Spyker's CEO, Victor Muller, says that his company's Saab unit is in talks with a number of automakers about partnering on a small car platform for a sub 9-3 model aimed primarily at the European market.

The car, which Muller says will reincarnate Saab's original 92 teardrop-styled model, has been one of Muller's main priorities since he took over the small Swedish automaker earlier this year after General Motors tried to shut it down.

"That will be on my plate for the next 100 days," Muller told Bloomberg in a phone interview regarding the new model.

"It's like musical chairs in the car industry," Muller said. "Everybody is sharing everything with everyone."

Muller didn't name any potential partners for the project. He has indicated in the past that partnering with other automakers for platform development is an essential cost-saving move in order to keep Saab afloat as the only independent mainstream automaker.

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