Jaguar readying F-Type sports car, 3-Series rival

Thanks to a boost from new owner Tata, Jaguar is readying several new models, including a sports car to take on Porsche and a compact model to battle BMW's 3-Series.

With the June launch of the XJ, Jaguar will have completed the revamp of its medium (XF) and large car offerings, leaving the automaker's lower ranks rather bare. However, with the new XJ now complete, Jaguar will turn its focus to the lower segments of the luxury market.

Speaking with the UK's Auto Express, Jaguar boss Carl-Peter Forster revealed that the long-rumored F-Type has been given the green light for production. Jaguar has been toying with the idea of a smaller sports car for about a decade now, but was never able to come up with adequate funding. However, Tata Motors has committed more than $6 billion to its newly acquired Jaguar Land Rover division over the next five years, clearing up any financial concerns.

Designed to take on the likes of the Porsche 911, the F-Type will ride on a shorter wheelbase than the current XK. It remains to be seen what powerplants Jaguar will shoehorn beneath the F-Type's hood, but we've heard the base car could come packing a turbocharged V6, with the range-topping R model rumored to borrow the XKR's 510 horsepower supercharged V8.

In addition to the F-Type, Forster also revealed that Jaguar is developing a BMW 3-Series rival. Forster didn't give away any details on the 3-Series rival but, given the company's failed attempt with the X-Type, we suspect the new model will be driver focused with a design language similar to that seen on the XF and XJ.

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