Illustrated: High-performance BMW M3 GTS-R

Our illustrator has consulted with inside sources for an exclusive first look of BMW's upcoming ultra high performance M3 GTS-R.

BMW is said to be preparing an even hotter version of its already high-performance M3 GTS. Essentially a street version of its M3 GT2 race car, the M3 GTS-R is set to be a limited-production halo car to celebrate BMW's motorsports successes.

The M3 GTS-R is the latest evolution of the automaker's M3 GTS - and it will employ a number of performance upgrades and weight-saving techniques to help it stand out.

While the M3 GTS-R will be powered by a modestly massaged V8 mated to the automaker's DCT transmission, some of its biggest news will be its substantially reduced curb weight.

Although the front fenders will be enlarged to contain wider tires and an increased track, they will weigh less than those on a standard M3. Carbon fiber will be used for the hood, roof and trunk panels, while the M3 GTS' interior and extra light glass all around will shave weight even further, likely to a bit under 3,200 lbs.

A new double lip-style spoiler is said to protrude from a redesigned front bumper to improve aerodynamics and the M3 GTS' adjustable carbon fiber rear spoiler returns.

The M3 GTS-R forgoes the historic Inka Orange shade of the GTS for a stealthy black matte with matching Y-spoke ultralight alloy wheels.

There's also a rumor that the M3 GTS-R will gain the next-generation M5's KERS regenerative braking with its advanced boost function.

Look for a formal debut of the M3 GTS-R later this year - most likely at the Paris Motor Show in late September, if not before.