Cadillac readying RWD flagship model?

It was believed that Cadillac's upcoming XTS would stand as the brand's flagship model, but a new report suggests a rear-wheel drive range-topped is under development.

It was believed that the production version of the Cadillac XTS concept would be positioned as the brand's flagship model, but a new report suggests General Motors' luxury division is in line for a true range-topper.

According to a report from Car and Driver, Cadillac is readying a new rear-wheel drive flagship model to take on the best from Europe. GM previously stated that it had canceled all plans for a rear-wheel drive flagship Cadillac model, but new company CEO Ed Whitacre is said to be championing the campaign.

Although GM's rear-wheel drive Zeta platform has proven to be an excellent performer and highly flexible, GM will reportedly look elsewhere for the underpinnings of its range-topping Cadillac model. A decision has yet to be made on the flagship's architecture, but a stretched version of the CTS' Sigma II platform seems the most likely at this point.

No mention of powertrains was made, but it would seem safe to assume that GM would offer a fuel-sipping option along with something more powerful. As Cadillac has stated it intends to offer a V performance package on almost every model, a high-performance version of the range-topper is still in the cards.

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