Nissan Juke outpacing sales projections

Although the Nissan Juke has only been on the Japanese market for a little over a week, the compact CUV has already smashed all sales expectations.

The styling of Nissan's all-new Juke may be receiving mixed reviews from the media, but the compact crossover is apparently a hit with the buying public. The Juke has only been on sale in the Japanese market for a little over a week, but has already surpassed initial sales projections.

According to Japan's daily Nikkei newspaper, Nissan has already received 5,296 orders for the Juke. That's quite the tally, especially considering the Juke has only been on the market since June 9.

Nissan originally set a Japanese target of 1,300 Juke sales per month, meaning the little crossover has smashed the automaker's monthly forecast by 300 percent in just over a week on the market. Sales don't appear to be slowing down, so expect the Juke's final monthly tally to be well above its current sales mark.

The Juke will hit the United States and European markets later this year, but it remains to be seen if the CUV will be met with the same enthusiasm.

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