Cardboard Abrams A1 tank hits the road [Video]

The cardboard Abrams A1 battle-tank that met its fate in the Camry video takes to the roads - makers explain how they built it.

If you found the recent short film Leftlane brought you featuring cardboard props and production quality special effects, you might appreciate these videos of the Abrams A1 that made a brief appearance in the first film.

The first video appears to be of the maiden voyage for the tank on public streets, where the creators discovered just how important proper airflow is for a vehicle to operate. They also give a brief overview of the tank - from inside the tank.

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The next three video detail - literally - how exactly one goes about creating a life-sized version of the deadly Abrams A1 battle-tank - out of cardboard. The videos are quite detailed, but if this seems like a hobby you might enjoy, you might find them quite informative.

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