Tesla taps Apple for better buying experience

Following Tesla's successful IPO, the electric car maker has now hired a former Apple and Gap exec to help develop a revolutionary buying experience.

Tesla has announced the hiring of a former Apple and Gap veteran, George Blankenship, as part of the automaker's strategy to "revolutionize the car buying experience."

Blankenship, 57, has a total of thirty years working in international retail sales and real estate, and is known as the architect of Apple's brand building retail strategy. Blankenship is credited for creating one of the most successful retail growth strategies in history for his work with Apple as the vice president of real estate.

Elon Musk, Tesla's founder and CEO, has worked to create a unique - and in his mind - a superior buying experience from day one by making dealers more stylish and inviting than most, but the hope is for Blankenship to further develop that concept to make the entire experience more unique and luxurious. "I'm excited to create a retail experience that is as thrilling as my first drive of the Tesla Roadster," said Blankenship.

Tesla's latest executive will be tasked with building a retail strategy and network, including opening stores in Tokyo, Japan, Toronto, Canada, and Washington, DC.