BMW M3 Frozen Gray Coupe lacks paint warranty

BMW's sold out limited edition M3 Frozen Gray Coupe will come with a special matte finish, but owners must sign an agreement waiving its warranty.

The U.S.-only 2011 BMW M3 Frozen Gray Coupe managed to sell out all 30 copies in just 15 minutes, but now new details emerge about the lack of a warranty and special care instructions for the $10,000 paint job.

BMW was nice enough to create a very unique M3 just for the U.S. market, marked largely by its very unique matte gray paint job - but what the 30 customers that reserved their special edition coupes may not have realized is that this paint job will come with several notable care instructions as part of a mandatory, signature-required paint care agreement, according to Bimmerfest - via EgmCarTech.

Unlike the Ford Focus RS500 which relies on a special automotive-grade vinyl developed by 3M in order to give it its matte-black appearance, BMW opted for an actual matte paint finish. The difference between a traditional paint finish and a matte finish is that a traditional single stage or clear coat paint job with a gloss finish can be compounded, polished and waxed in order to maintain the finish and remove defects while restoring gloss.

By contrast, matte paint has a finish that can not be compounded, waxed or polished in any way, or the finish will lose its matte appearance and begin to take on a glossy finish like a traditional paint job. That means that any damage - even faint swirls or scratches - cannot be repaired in any way short of repainting the affected areas.

In order to avoid repainting the $10,000 finish of the Frozen Gray Coupe, BMW has listed the following tips and guidelines.
Paint care agreement
*Never polish or wax the frozen gray paint as it could lead to a glossy surface.
*If washing your frozen gray M3 in a automatic car wash choose a car wash that does not apply vehicle wax. Rinse the M3 with high pressure water to remove dirt before sending it through the automatic car wash to avoid scratches from sand, dust and other micro-particles.
*Remove bugs, bird poo, tree sap, tar, fuel spills or oil immediately using a soft sponge.
*Avoid strong rubbing while cleaning the frozen paint. BMW sells suitable products for maintaining the frozen paint at your local dealer.
*Repairs to the paint (scratches, dents, etching) must be completed by a BMW trained body shop. Most auto body shop will not be capable of repairing the frozen gray paint.

The agreement also specifies that the warranty will not cover the matte finish should it be damaged as a result of negligence by the owner, environmental damages or improper repair procedures. Should customers refuse to sign the agreement, they will be unable to take delivery of the car.

The BMW M3 Frozen Gray Coupe
Larry Koch, M brand manager for BMW of North America said, "The Frozen Gray M3 is a striking work of sculpture, speed, and style, and perfectly marks the 25th birthday of the M3 model. I'm personally thrilled to see that our customers are as excited about it as we are. We filled the thirty reservation slots within twelve minutes and took the names of at least fifty alternates in the first hour."

This special edition, limited run M3 essentially carried a $10,000 premium for a premium paint job, in addition to mandatory upgrades with certain options compared to a standard base M3. The Frozen Gray M3 has a base price of $77,600, and covered in a unique matte paint job with a Space Gray base coat, covered in a BMW ColorSystem silk matte clear coat finish. It is this unique paint scheme that makes up the exterior differences between this special edition model and a standard M3 Coupe.

On the inside, this limited run M3 (30 examples will be produced) comes with a unique Fox Red and black bi-colored Novillo leather interior.

BMW says the Frozen Gray M3 will come powered by the same 414 horsepower 4.0-liter V8 found in the standard M3, along with the standard M Double Clutch Transmission - with the manual transmission available as an option. The Frozen Gray M3 comes with the M3 Competition Package standard, adding 19-inch wheels, Dynamic Stability Control with performance modified mapping, Electronic Damping Control and a 10mm lowered suspension.

BMW says that each purchase of the 2011 Frozen Gray M3 Coupe will include a one-day enrollment at the BMW Performance Driving School in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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