Ford selects partner for Focus EV batteries

Ford has announced its partnership with Compact Power to produce its lithium-ion battery pack for the 2012 Focus Electric, set to go on sale in 2011.

Compact Power Inc. is making its rounds in the headlines today, first with the announcement that President Obama will visit for the groundbreaking event for its latest battery production facility, and now Ford has announced its choice of CPI. to supply lithium-ion batteries for the upcoming 2012 Focus Electric.

Ford's new partner in battery production, Compact Power, is a subsidiary of LG Chem, and is known for making use of LG Chem's expertise in advanced flat format lithium-ion battery cells, as well as advanced liquid-cooled modules and battery management systems.

Although CPI is based in Troy, Michigan, it will only be beginning construction of its battery production facility in Holland, Michigan, this week, so the battery maker will source its batteries from parent LG Chem in Korea until the plant comes online in the U.S. The batteries will be used in the Focus Electric, the first of five electric vehicles Ford plans to reveal in the U.S. over the next two years, and is expected to yield a 100-mile range.

Ford says that one of the key reasons it chose CPI is that they are known for what many to consider the industry's leading safety-reinforced separator technology which helps to provide for occupant safety in the event of a crash.