Report: Toyota planted false NHTSA info

The U.S. has accused Toyota of planting fake information involving its pending NHTSA unintended acceleration case.

Seemingly disproving a prior report, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration head David Strickland has revealed that no conclusion has been made in the Toyota unintended acceleration case and that "several more months of work" are needed to complete the investigation.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the NHTSA had linked complaints against Toyota for unintended acceleration to driver error, but Strickland revealed to the Detroit Free Press that no such conclusion has been reached.

When asked if the NHTSA had come to a conclusion on the Toyota case, Strickland replied: "None whatsoever." He added: "We are in process, internally and with NASA, and we have several more months to go."

Although the source of the WSJ report remains a bit of a mystery, at least one NHTSA official believes Toyota is behind the erroneous information. "That story was planted by Toyota," an NHTSA spokeswoman in Washington told just-auto. "Toyota is the source - yes we know that for definite."

The spokeswoman continued: "It is [the] Toyota PR machine. We knew they were going to put it out."

Toyota has yet to comment on the situation.

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