Fisker Karma Q1 2011 production promised [Video]

Although Fisker has become notorious for announcing overly ambitious time lines, the automaker seems fairly confident that customers will receive cars in Q1 2011.

As is the case with many automotive start-ups, knowing exactly how long it will take to fully develop a vehicle and bring it to production has been difficult for Fisker which has issued countless delays for the introduction of its first model, the Fisker Karma.

But now, if we are to believe them, we may finally have at least a fairly solid idea of when the plug-in exotic will be coming to showrooms near you: Q1 2011, according to WebRidesTV. Fisker recently held its first unveil launch party at a new dealer location in Santa Monica, California, and at the event dealer owner Mike Sullivan was able to detail plans for when customers will first be able to see, touch and test the production version of the Karma, as well as when deliveries will begin.

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Sullivan says that prospective owners will be able to begin seeing production colors, materials and interior execution at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Immediately following the Auto Show Sullivan says that the Santa Monica Fisker dealer will have cars on-hand to allow customers to actually drive.

Should customers like what they see and feel, they will be able to place orders for vehicles that should enter production during the first quarter of 2011, with deliveries beginning in either April or March, 2011.

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