Toyota to revive Supra nameplate?

Toyota's U.S. office recently applied to re-register its Supra nameplate. Is this a sign that the company will revive the badge?

Earlier this month, Toyota applied to renew its long-expired trademark on the Supra name in the United States. Although the company is mostly mum on the subject, an easy-to-reach conclusion would suggest that Toyota could revive the historic badge for its upcoming FT-86 sports car.

Toyota apparently let the Supra trademark expire in 2006 and the automaker never bothered to renew one of its best-known nameplates until earlier this month. According to Car and Driver, Toyota filed an application to take ownership of the Supra name on July 16 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

The magazine did talk with Toyota communication VP Mike Michels, who said that the automaker registered the name "provisionally" in an effort to preserve ownership of the historic name. This is hardly uncommon among automakers who hold onto model name trademarks long after discontinuing a line, although Toyota's decision certainly comes at a unique time.

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