GM planning marketing onslaught, including a return to the Super Bowl

After laying relatively low for the last few months, GM is preparing to ramp up its marketing efforts, including a return to the Super Bowl.

General Motors was forced to pull in the reins on its marketing budget as it moved through its bankruptcy process in 2009, but, with hard times seemingly behind the Detroit automaker, GM is looking to strengthen its advertising efforts.

Speaking with Advertising Age, GM marketing boss Joel Ewanick confirmed that GM will be making returning to the Super Bowl in 2011, and is also planning new marketing campaigns for the Chevrolet Camaro and the company's Cadillac premium brand.

GM hasn't advertised during the Super Bowl since 2008, but will be making a return appearance as it continues to distance itself from its 2009 bankruptcy filing. Ewanick failed to reveal what specific plans GM has for the big game, but did reveal all advertising would revolve around the Chevrolet brand.

"The interesting thing is, that's the right thing to do for car brands like we have, specifically Chevrolet. So yes, we will be in the Super Bowl," Ewanick said. "I won't tell you how much or what we're doing, but I will tell you it will all be about Chevrolet." Hyundai, Kia and Audi have already confirmed they will be advertising during the 2011 Super Bowl.

In addition to the Super Bowl news, Ewanick also revealed that GM is planning a new campaign promoting the Chevrolet Camaro. GM has already released a series of Chevy Corvette ads, with the Camaro spots likely to follow the same format.

Finally, Ewanick said that the Cadillac brand will begin using a new tag line next month. The brand currently uses the line, "The mark of leadership", but Ewanick is not impressed with the slogan. "I don't know what that means. 'The new standard of the world,' that was our theme line for a new generation of cars," he revealed. "It's a line that I think makes much more sense to the consumer."

On the whole, Ewanick expects GM's marketing spending to grow by 3-5 percent this year.

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