Toyota halts all shipments to Iran

In order to remain in compliance and show support for the U.S.-led sanctions against Iran, Toyota has confirmed that it will no longer ship vehicles to Iran.

As Iran continues to move forward developing nuclear technology believed to be intended for military use by the United States and the United Nations, Toyota has announced that it will halt all shipments of vehicles into Iran - observing international sanctions.

Toyota's announcement to halt the shipment of any vehicles to Iran was made from Tokyo by spokesman Keisuke Kirimoto, saying, "It is true Toyota has stopped exports of vehicles bound for Iran," according to CNN. "We plan to continue to closely monitor this sensitive international situation."

The automaker's move will have no discernible impact on the automaker's production or profit schedules, however, as the entire country of Iran only received 222 Toyota vehicles in all of 2009, with similar levels expected for 2010 prior to the sanctions being imposed. The most popular model in Iran is the Land Cruiser SUV.

Toyota also lacks any production, development or shipment facilities within Iran, meaning the automaker is not at risk of suffering any notable losses if sanctions remain in place long-term.

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