Mercedes prices SLS AMG GT3

Mercedes-Benz has officially slapped a price tag on its race-ready SLS AMG GT3. Deliveries of the SLS racer will begin next February.

With order books now officially open, Mercedes-Benz has announced pricing for its track-only SLS AMG GT3. The race-ready SLS AMG GT3 will carry a base price of $430,190, or $511,925 when VAT is included. Deliveries of the SLS AMG GT3 will begin in February.

Reflecting the SLS AMG GT3's close relationship to the road-going version of the SLS AMG, the racecar is powered by Mercedes-Benz' sensational 6.2L V8. Although that beefy V8 makes 571 horsepower under the hood of the standard SLS AMG, the FIA has yet to determine the SLS AMG GT3's final output.

The bare-bones racer features a number of track enhancements, the most noticeable of which is a more aggressive aero kit. Up front the SLS AMG GT3 sports a revised front fascia with a more aggressive splitter and side winglets, while the rear of the car is highlight by a massive wing. AMG has also fitted the SLS GT3 with a large hood vent and a smooth underbody.

Inside, the SLS AMG GT3 has been thoroughly prepped for racing, with just about everything removed in the name of weight-savings. However, a racing-spec roll cage has been added, along with an integrated fire extinguisher system.