Kia working with suppliers over Soul steering issue

Joining the NHTSA in its investigation of the Soul, Kia has begun talks with suppliers to see what might have caused one vehicle to lose control.

In response to a recently-launched National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probe, Kia has begun talks with suppliers to determine what might have caused one driver's Kia Soul to completely lose control.

The NHTSA opened a preliminary investigation into the Kia Soul earlier this week after receiving one complaint about the vehicle's steering. According to the driver's account, the steering shaft in their two-month old Kia Soul completely decoupled from the steering wheel, resulting in a total loss of control. Adding insult to injury, the steering shaft also blocked the function of the vehicle's brakes.

Kia says it is fully cooperating with the NHTSA's investigation. "Although the investigation is based on a single incident that did not result in an accident or injury, the entire Kia Motors organization -- including our supplier base -- is reviewing manufacturing processes with the goal of quickly determining if there is a manufacturing cause and preventing the issue from reoccurring," John Crowe, Kia's vice president of service, said in a statement.

No cause for the incident has yet been discovered.

If a recall is ultimately issued, it could involve more than 51,000 Kia Soul models.

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