World's fastest sedan: G-Power M5 Hurricane RR

Topping its own Hurricane RS, German tuner G-Power has releases its new, 231mph Hurricane RR super sedan.

Not satisfied with the 228mph top speed record held by its M5 Hurricane RS, German tuner G-Power has released an even more radical version of its BMW M5-based supercar. Dubbed the Hurricane RR, the new model has claimed the title of world's fastest sedan.

Like the Hurricane RS, the Hurricane RR receives most of its power boost via twin-superchargers. However, the new Hurricane RR uses larger superchargers - swapping out the RS' ASA T1-313 blowers for a set of ASA T1 316 units - resulting in a horsepower increase from 750 to 800.

That extra 50 horsepower means the Hurricane RR can sprint from 0-62 in 4.35 seconds and can go from 0-124 in just 9.5 seconds. Keep the right pedal buried for long enough and the Hurricane RR will top out at 231mph, making it the world's fastest sedan.

G-Power has yet to release pricing for the 800hp model, but the German company will gladly convert any current BMW M5 or M6 model to 750hp for the tidy sum of $71,000. However, those wanting even more power should wait a bit as a Hurricane RR-topping model could be on the way - G-Power's press release hints that the car's setup could handle 900 horsepower.