World's first diesel-electric hybrid: Peugeot 3008 HYbrid 4

Peugeot has now launched the world's first production diesel-electric hybrid vehicle, the crossover-based 3008 HYbrid 3.

With the launch of the 3008 HYbrid 4, Peugeot becomes the first automaker to sell a full production diesel-electric hybrid vehicle.

The 3008 HYbrid 4 is powered by a 2.0-liter 163 horsepower HDi diesel, combined with a 27 constant, 37 peak horsepower electric motor, making it a powerful, yet efficient crossover. The CUV is capable of 74.4 miles per gallon highway on the European cycle, and emits just 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The 3008 HYbrid 4 also features Peugeot's latest generation of Start-Stop technology, for even greater fuel economy savings.

The power is distributed via a six-speed electronically-controlled manual transmission, which the automaker says allows for greatly improved fuel economy over both traditional automatic and manual transmissions. The driver has the option of choosing the gear change mode at any time - manual or automatic - with either the gear lever or via controls behind the steering wheel

Driving modes
Adding to its list of impressive green qualities, the 3008 HYbrid 4 also offers a pure electric driving mode, ZEV (Zero emission vehicle), as well as four-wheel drive, Auto and Sport modes.

Peugeot says the ZEV Mode is intended to give drivers the ability to travel silently and without emitting any emissions while traveling around town.

The Four-Wheel Drive mode instructs both power trains to operate together with the rear wheels driven by the electric motor and the front wheels by the HDi diesel engine. At low speed it allows "all-terrain" capabilities equivalent to those of an SUV.

With Auto Mode the entire system is automatically controlled, including operation of the HDi diesel engine and the electric motor. This mode helps to provide an optimal blend for both fuel consumption and dynamic performance.

The Sport Mode opts for quicker gear changes at higher engine speeds than normal mode. This mode combines the diesel engine with the electric motor for more dynamic performance, optimally distributed and transmitted to the road by the four-wheel drive.

Inside the cabin
Peugeot says that with the interior of the 3008 they were aiming for a high-end look and feel, but a layout that should remind the driver of an aircraft cockpit. The cabin features an expansive fascia panel, ergonomically placed controls and an ergonomically-minded center console that helps to clearly separate the territory of the "pilot" from the passengers.

Style is provided from unique materials and color choices, and this is true in particular of the new and specific Guérande & Tramontane two-tone leather finish which subtly combines bright pale grey on the seat cushions with a black finish on the sides of the seats.

The gear lever with its modern and elegant design is a key feature of the HYbrid4 technology. It enhances the technological ambiance in the same way as the seven-inch color display which provides information on the flow of energy. A specific steering wheel bearing the signature HYbrid4 adds a touch of exclusivity to the car.