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Priced: 2011 Honda Accord Sedan, Coupe

by Mark Kleis

Following a slew of minor trim changes to its 2011 Accord sedan and coupe, Honda has now released pricing for its two main Accord models.

Leftlane previously brought you the list of changes by Honda to the Accord coupe and sedan for 2011 - with most of the changes being style-oriented, however the mainstream four-cylinder models equipped with automatic transmissions see a substantial fuel economy boost.

Now, Honda has released pricing to go along with the specifications for its latest Accord coupe and sedans.

2011 Accord Coupe pricing
The coupe line begins with the LX-S, which comes with a five-speed manual transmission and a base price of $22,780. Adding the five-speed automatic to the LX-S will bring the price to $23,580.

Jumping up from the base trim level will land you with the Accord EX coupe, complete with a five-speed manual and a base price of $24,455. The automatic will bring the price to $25,255.

One more level brings you to the coupe EX-L, which loses the base manual and comes only in automatic form with a base price of $27,105. If you prefer more power, the Accord EX-L V-6 Coupe can be had with a six-speed manual for $29,730, or a five-speed automatic for the same price.

Honda lists the EX-L with Navi as its own trim level, which comes in automatic only, and starts at $29,105. Replacing the four-cylinder with a V-6 will land you a base price of $31,730 - with either the six-speed manual or five-speed automatic.

2011 Accord Sedan pricing
Honda starts the sedan like with its base LX sedan, including a five-speed manual and a base price of just $21,180. Opting for the five-speed auto will tack on another $800.

The LX-P sedan comes exclusively with the five-speed auto, and a bae price of $22,980. Accord SE has the same drivetrain, but a base price of $23,730.

If you jump to the EX sedan, however, you gain the option to choose the base five-speed manual, starting at $24,105, and jumping to $24,905 base for the five-speed auto. Adding Navi will take the EX-L to $29,555.

The Accord EX sedan can also be powered with a V-6, starting at $27,080 with an automatic transmission. The EX-L V-6 starts at $29,430, and the EX-L with Navi starts at $31,630, and also only comes with a five-speed automatic.

Lightly refreshed
Honda will continue to offer the Accord in coupe and sedan variants with both four and six-cylinder power. Sedans gain a new front grille, revised front bumper and, most notably, a new rear deck lid with revised tail lamps. New wheel designs make it to both models. Coupes, on the other hand, also get new grilles and bumpers, as well as different wheels for the V6 models.

Inside, Honda has added steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters to the range-topping EX-L V6 Coupe, as well as USB connectivity for all coupe models and EX/EX-L sedans. A rearview camera is now standard with the available navigation system, EX-L V6 models gain memory seats and all models get new fabrics and some minor instrument panel and control modifications.

Accord models will again begin with the LX models before continuing through a series of better-equipped EX models. A new SE model debuts for 2011. Slotting in between LX-P and EX, it adds heated leather seats, power lumbar for the driver's seat and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. It comes only with a four-cylinder and four doors.

Sipping fuel
Honda says it improved vehicle aerodynamics and worked to reduce engine friction for models equipped with the four-cylinder engine. In addition, the automaker reworked its five-speed automatic transmission on four-cylinder models to give it new gas-saving ratios. Now, the Accord is rated at 23 mpg in the city (a 2 mpg improvement) and 34 mpg on the highway (a 3 mpg improvement).

Fuel economy ratings for other models - four-cylinders with the standard five-speed manual transmission and V6s with either the five-speed automatic or six-speed manual - are unchanged.

All pricing excludes the $750 delivery and destination charge.