On again, off again: Volkswagen Amarok not coming to America

Either those perpetuating rumors, or those making the ultimate decisions, or both, can't seem to make up their minds. Today, VW says no to an American Amarok.

When Volkswagen first revealed the production version of the 2011 Amarok pickup to the world at the 2010 Geneva Motor show, the automaker said that there would be no future for the truck in the U.S. Then the internet said otherwise , not once, twice, or three times, but countless times - as recently as one week ago.

Now, Volkswagen has decided to squash the rumors - at least for now - and confirmed to Inside Line that the Amarok will not becoming to America.

The reason? A VW representative cited the limited production capability from the Argentinian plant, stating that the maximum annual capacity of 100,000 units is already spoken for in the other world markets where the truck will be sold.

About the Amarok

The Amarock was designed primarily for South America and Russia, the body-on-frame Amarok promises to be a tough commercial-grade small pickup. Power comes from a 2.0-liter common rail injection diesel motor, delivering 163 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

A more economical version of the Amarok that will come rated at 122 hp and 250 lb-ft is set to be added to the lineup a few months after launch. Customers will be able to choose between all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive layouts. In the case of AWD, power is split 40-to-60 in favor of the rear wheels.

Production is expected to start later this year in Pacheco, Argentina, and the truck will be sold in South America, South Africa, Australia, as well as in some European countries as of now.

Volkswagen is planning to build about 100,000 units annually.

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